Roadside Heroes - your trusted vehicle rescue partner

At Roadside Heroes, we've been serving the community combining our extensive experience with a strong background in mechanical and engineering expertise. We're not just a breakdown and recovery service; we're Roadside Heroes, your dependable partner when you need help on the road.

Abbas Fathi is a fully qualified mechanical engineer and has been within the automotive industry for over 10 years. His experience has enabled him to understand the mechanics and electrics within modern day and classic vehicles. Abbas has a passion for vehicles and this is evident when you see his pride and joys, a beautiful 1993 Toyota Soarer and a fantastic 1970 mark 2 Ford Cortina 1600.

Our brand-new recovery vehicle has a heavy duty winch capable of pulling a 4000kg vehicle so whether you're stuck in a ditch or have a broken down vehicle that won't drive, our winch can safely recover your car and load it onto our truck without a worry. If your tow hook is not present, we use heavy duty nylon winch brothers which divide into two and connect to both wishbones equally without causing damage to your suspension.

What we do

Roadside Heroes provides long distance nationwide transport collection & delivery offering the best rates. Confident in our new recovery vehicle, we are capable of travelling around the UK. With trade insurance covering vehicles up to £60,000 and trade plates to load and offload vehicles without road tax, off-road or restoration projects are perfectly suited for us. Our truck has an extended low-profile loading ramp so we have no problem loading lowered sports cars or classic vehicles. Our services include:

Breakdown & Rescue

We specialise in providing swift and reliable breakdown recovery and rescue services for vehicles of all shapes and sizes. Whether you find yourself with a dead battery, an empty fuel tank or facing a more complex issue, we've got you covered.


Stranded with a flat battery calls for a jump start. We have a 12V lithium jump starter on board for vehicles up to 10.0 litres (gasoline) and 8.0 litre (diesel) and we can jump start cars, motorcycles, trucks, ATVs, boats, RVs, SUVs, tractors and more.


If you need a vehicle transported, whether it is to go to or from a body shop or mechanic, or whether you are transporting it to the other side of the country, we have you covered. Our fully insured service along with trade plates will get your car there safely.

Out of Fuel

Sometimes, where you just forgot, or if there is a problem with your car's fuel gauge, you may have run out of petrol or diesel. Simply give us a call and we will come to you and put enough fuel in the tank to get you to a petrol station.

Lockout services

If you left your engine running and went back in to your house to grab something. The car is locked with the engine running. You don't need to break a window to get into the car, our lockout kit safely creates a safe scratch proof gap in the window to unlock the vehicle without damage.

Spare tyre Fitting

Sometimes cars don't have the right equipment or the wheel nuts won't come off. As long as you have the spare wheel with a road legal tyre, we can fit it for you using the correct tools and equipment.

Areas we cover

We offer a 90-minute response time for all your rescue and recovery needs. Our service extends to all London areas within the M25, all of Bedfordshire and all of Hertfordshire.

Our new recovery vehicle with a 4000kg pull force heavy duty winch will travel across the country for all of your recovery and rescue needs.

Get in touch

Get in touch today either by calling us, emailing or completing the contact form.

After accepting the job, all call-outs are subject to a deposit. Deposits are non-refundable. Deposits are invoiced and payment is accepted via bank transfer or provided payment link is sent via email or UK mobile.

Cleared payment must be received prior to call-out

Full outstanding balance to be paid upon completion of the job via bank transfer, payment link or cash.

Jump Start - The customer will have to pay in full if the car starts and doesn't maintain charge, doesn't start due to faults other than battery such as charging system, had starter motor or other mechanical/electrical faults.

Lockout Services - Customer will have to prove legal ownership and is for vehicles with operating lock and door handle with no access to keys or keys being locked inside vehicle.

Out of Fuel - We don't allow customers to handle any fuel, for health and safety only we can refuel. Fuel is not stored in storage and is freshly refilled on route to designated location, receipt will be provided. Price of fuel is in addition to call-out charge.

Spare Tyre Replacement Subject to customer having the correct spare wheel, road legal tyres and a locking wheel nut if required for alloy wheels. In the event of our technician arriving with incorrect or missing locking wheel nut, full payment for the call-out will be due.

Recovery and Transport Deposit to be paid before call-out, full payment to be paid at the end destination before the release of the vehicle.